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@Rodderick We have two honeybee subspecies in South Africa: in the south, we have the cape bee, apis mellifera capensis, and in the north we have apis mellifera scuttellata, the African bee.


And capensis has fertile workers, yes?


@Dee Correct. I’m attaching pictures of text I think you might find interesting.


Thank you
Although Capensis workers lay fertile eggs they are still quite thoroughly policed. Worker reproduction is quite costly to a colony in terms of brood rearing efficiency and loss of hive duties. I have read research that has shown egg policing is as effective as it is in Scutellata. Although Capensis worker laid brood is almost a clone of the worker that laid it, so should be accepted by the colony, there is a theory that queen pheromone marks queen laid eggs and is missing from the worker laid eggs.
Do you ever get worker laid brood above the excluder?


@Dee In only 7% of cases does a laying worker lead to a queen being successfully reared.

From what I know, which is negligible at best, there isn’t a problem with workers laying in the super. I shall, however, report back as soon as I reach that milestone.


Hi fellow bee keepers. I am in Northern Victoria and have just received my first Flow Hive. Am currently assembling it. I have done the roof as I am painting it white to weatherproof it as well as help reduce summer heat. Pity to couver the nice wood. Still debating about painting the sides. May just tongue oil them. My bees are ordered but still 4 weeks away.


Crikey you have three hives already. Golly gosh that will keep you busy. I am busy with just one. How do you manage with three hives in the 'burbs?


Hi everyone,
Kel and I have just ordered the starter pack and are total beginners so we will be reading all the beginner tips we can. We live in the midwest of WA and would like to know if there are bee suppliers around us.


Hello I have now finished getting my Flow Hive ready for my bees and have added a stand to keep them off the ground.
Waiting for my package of bees to come from Bunyipbees. I have to decide if I will use sugar syrup to feed them at the start.
More research to do. Have spent a day at Beavosbees near Kyabram with 9 other neabys.
Can recommend you do something like this to clarify the things you read and see online.


Hi there @Handy, that’s a nice-looking setup. Welcome to the forum & hope you have a great start to your beekeeping adventure!

Here in the northeastern US, folks definitely feed sugar syrup to spring packages. Don’t know how it’s done where you are, but I’ve seen others mention Bunyip on here, so maybe someone more experienced isn’t very far away from you & can give you some hands-on help getting started. For now, just post your newbee questions in the Beekeeping Basics category & you will be sure to get great advice.


Thanks Eva, I have decided that I will use feeding initially and just monitor how my bees are settling in. They will be in a good site so probably only feed for a short time. Will keep posting​:grinning::grinning:


Hi. I’m relatively new to bee keeping. I have always found bees fascinating. Since moving to the country I can live my rural dream. I would love to learn more and enjoy this experience with others.


Welcome to the forum. I am new and getting my first package of bees on 20th.
I will post again then.


Hi. We, at Beekeeping Apprentice, are passionate about anything bees. We have an Online Beekeeping Course and Facebook Community for Beginner Beekeepers to learn and interact with other fellow beekeepers. It is designed to support hobbyists in their beekeeping journey. We aim to spread awareness of the importance of bees and leave a legacy on our ailing planet.


My plans were disrupted by hot weather. Bunyip Bees bought forward their delivery date and I couldn’t meet the new date so they gave me a refund. Worked out well as instead of a box of bees from them I got a large nuc from Beavo’s Bees locally. I sat the nuc next to my Hive for 2 days then did the transfer. So far all looks great very happy.



Hi there a new beekeper to be here, I live in Kosovo, Pristina and I’m trying to get a 7 frame flow hive to my country for now, and in the future get more flowhives. I’m hoping to introduce it to my people and make things easier to harvest honey. #flow-hive #flow-hive:purchasing-shipping-orders


Hi people, new to the forum after buying a Flow hive and encountering a problem that needs clarifying.
I live in Perth, Western Australia, and after having numerous swarms of bees visiting my back yard nearly every year, this year I decided to relent and allow them to stay.
So I bought a flow hive, thinking it would make managing the bees a little easier and less labour intensive.
However, I have a problem. The hive came with a Queen bee excluder, the way I understand the instructions, this excluder needs to be inserted between the brood box and the honey collector box on the top. But, I cant see the bees going thru this excluder, they need to small as ants to get thru that mesh. The hive also cam with another similar type seperator, constructed of satay sticks with a small gap between which would allow bees to go thru, but not sure whether the queen could go thru.
So, I’m conflicted which is which and goes where.
Anyone wishing to enlighten me would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Do you have a couple of photos at all? Particularly one of the satay sticks?


G’day Dan2,
Wow, thanks for your super quick response. No I haven’t any pics today, But can get some tonight and post them tomorrow.
Will that do ?


Absolutely…intrigued actually :smiley: