Newbie to beekeeping

Hi, live in Scotland, don’t have any hives or bees yet still looking at options. I know there are some hives in England but does anyone in Scotland have one. I’m finding it difficult to navigate site and buy what has been recommended, I. E. A bundle but nobody to cart button. Has anyone in UK had this problem and thoughts of ordering and delivery process. Have joined local club and hoping to buy our hives soon ready for next year.

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum. I am sure that we have had Scottish members of this forum, but I haven’t seen any recently. I didn’t quite understand your comment:

Perhaps @Freebee2 can help in some way? She works for Flow and is wonderfully constructive.

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It’s the accent Dawn, I couldn’t understand either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorry misprint, I couldn’t find the add to cart button

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I think the OP is saying there is no “add to card” button.

Ah, or Add to Cart, even! Must be Google translate interfering with my understanding. I used to be British, but not I am not so sure… :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry Agnes, this isn’t helping you, but we are a very playful bunch. I am sure that Freebee will help you properly though, she knows useful behind the scenes Flow stuff, and we just know bees and beekeeping.

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My browser defaults to the US web site, and there is a yellow Add to Cart button to the right of the big picture (on a laptop), once you select a product. Maybe the UK site is faulty, but the Flow staff will know better than me. :blush:

Thanks for that. Will try her when I get home but if there is any one in scotland plus get inyouch

Agnes I’m from West Lothian and know a few people with Flow Hives and there are plenty of “UK National” hive beekeepers in Scotland. Our bonnie heather creates some of the best honey in the world.

I live just outside Birmingham now and cant praise the FlowHive2 enough.


Thanks @Dean. Wish more people from scotland were on the forum. Have joined local club but feel as yet unable to talk to them about the flow hive as I think they may say we’re getting ahead of ourselves as we don’t yet know enough. To be fair only been to one
meeting so far. Unsure if I want to buy flow hives or just put the flow supers on the nation. What’s you’re thoughts?

Hi dean just saw you picture. Its lovely and wish you happy bee keeping

You are very wise not to mention the Flow hive early in your meetings. Some clubs are very accepting, but many are extremely traditional. If you do decide to get a Flow hive, I might say that you are wanting to set up a Langstroth hive and don’t mention the Flow part. Many traditional beekeepers are very suspicious of the Flow hive because of some clumsy marketing at the beginning of the Flow company’s life.

Having said that, the Flow hive is a Langstroth hive, which is the most common type of hive used in the US and Australia. There are plenty of them in the UK too, so it wouldn’t raise many eyebrows if that is what you told the club.

If you start with a National hive, you may find it quite tricky to put a Flow super on top, unless Flow now market them. They may do so, but I can’t access the UK Flow store to see what you have available. If they do have National sized Flow hives and supers, go for it - you will find it much easier to get a nucleus of bees on the correct frame size when you start. Sorry if this is all confusing, but please keep asking questions, we love to help people who are interested in bees! :blush:

Thanks Dean. Agree that most are set in they’re ways. They do a national super at flow to fit so was thinking on just getting this and putting on hive. The price of the flow 2 is pretty steep and I do think most of the club uses nationals so would struggle to get nuc from them

You can adapt National frames quite easily to Langstroth, but why bother if you have a better option?

P.S. I am Dawn, @HappyHibee is Dean! :blush:

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Sorry guys, not good with all this forum stuff. Never been on one before, so apologies to both Dawn and Dean

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Flow super wont fit uk national its same size as Langstroth which outside the uk is the most common type of hive.

There is no right or wrong way so if your club members aren’t supportive not much you cant learn online. YouTube taught me more than local club.

Were about the bees the honey and wax is a gift that should remind all beekeepers the bees are what’s important not pride or “purest” mentally.

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Had the same problem Dawn. The discount bundle option when you select the bundle wont allow you to “buy” to show in cart then pay.

The flow web site has supers for sale that they say fit uk nationals so we were thinking of using these.

Perfect not really looked for that option so great its accommodated.

Watching the bees inside is a selling point itself Agnes. I spend hours watching from not much than a couple of feet away.

Apologies not needed, just trying to show you how it works. Very confusing when you start, but if you stick with us, it will be as easy as family after a while! :blush:

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