Newbie to beekeeping

Yeah I’m looking forward to seeing the goings on inside the hive

Hi @Agnes,

Thanks for your interest.

Both options are possible.

You can either buy a Flow Super in UK National size and add to a locally purchased UK Nat sized brood box, or - with slight modifications as outlined here - you can shift to a Flow Langstroth sized complete hive (i.e. a Flow Classic Hive or Flow Hive 2).

If you need any further info let me know.



I am Oxford UK. You will find a lot of local activity on the Flowhive UK Facebook page.

U.K. also has Flowhive Ambassadors that you get to by emailing Flowhive via the European website. moves you to that site or draws your attention to that site.

I found the Ambassadors, to be UK based, very good and very prompt replies. They will help in everything from sales order to guidance.

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In UK you will find it easier to use National size equipment. If you need help That’s when the ease is important. Also lots of used kit around.

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Thanks, you won’t be as cold us in the winter, but do you leave you’re supers out or remove them. Not sure about buying second hand though. Will wait and see. Still in planning stage, lots to learn.

You should remove your flow hive super. Take the honey. My bees have now clustered I think. So unless your area gets a warm spell your super would now be cleaned up and stored. But you may like to keep it uncleared because if you watch we get some late October warmth then you would just prop it up on its side by the hive. If at this stage yours would be clustered then put a pack of bee fondant right above the cluster now. They will fly out of hive if it warms up.

Regarding used equipment as long as it’s cleaned up all is well. Most of the associations have used kit. I treat outside but use a small blow torch to burnish the inside. You probably won’t get a flow hive super second hand but I do see them for sale and I have just bought one. I confirmed with flowhive HQ that it was authentic.

This forum has lots of info on ventilation and condensation. You are advised to be aware of it. Your bees won’t die of cold but dripping condensation is a cause of hive death.

Beebase is the U.K. authority on bee health reading the great learning articles helps you understand bee health issues.

As you now won’t have bees till spring spend your time reading, watch you tube videos, consider the advise you get given. Select the route you wish to follow, select the advisors you wish to follow.

Well I’ve taken the plunge and bought 2 flow supers which we’re going to put on UK nationals. Did a lot of thinking and decided this was the best option for us. I know we won’t get bees here in Scotland until about April but can’t wait to build them and hubby is going to paint them. One is going to be a replica of the house, not sure about the other. Open to any suggestions.
Will continue to go to local bee club and learn. Not sure how the members will react when we say we have flow supers. Hopefully they will be interested.


You won’t regret taking the plunge Agnes. you will find a number of people who are dead against Flow Hives for one reason or another. They might be against anything new or have heard of people who have had issues. So I wouldn’t mention that you have flow hives till you know who you are talking to.
Me, I have four in my apiary of 25+ hives. I have had a few issues most of which were fixed by understanding more about them and thinking thing through. The high cost over a conventional hive is my limiting factor in having more of them but I also enjoy the conventional hive as well.
We are here on the forum to help you with any issues you might have have along the way but I’m sure you will enjoy bee keeping.

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Bravo Agnes. Scottish heather honey is some of the best in the world. Couple of friends from West Lothian have had very good years with thier own National hives.

Your local club will be priceless regarding local knowledge so hopefully they will just see it as an alternative to legacy traditional hives. Might even be able to get your bees from them.

Cant wait to see pics of your first harvest.

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Thanks. Won’t have a harvest for a while. Got to get bees from someone, maybe in April and not sure if we’ll get honey first year. Not too bothered about that, don’t actually like the stuff. Just want to keep bees. Honey is just a bonus if it comes.

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