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Real or Fake Flow Frames


How do you spot fake flow frames?


Fake What is the address they came from?

Where is your original order placed?

  1. When were they ordered?

  2. How long did it take to arrive

  3. Where were they posted from

  4. Did you get tracking information

  5. Photograph the box and packing

  6. Photograph any included paperwork

  7. Send only by email to the Flow team - DO NOT POST images online

  8. If they are Fake we don’t want the Fakers seeing where they went wrong

Send all to This address marked URGENT!! http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3


i would also be interested to get some more information on this.


It’s the genuine article https://www.facebook.com/groups/1701826046713794/


@adagna @moderators Perhaps the Mods can get some feed back on this so we get background Thanks


We are the sole distributors of Flow products. We only sell our Flow Frames and Flow Hives from www.honeyflow.com or www.honeyflow.com.au

If you buy from anywhere else - you are not buying directly from us.


Currently all fakes we have seen are a very bright yellow colour, quite different from the real Flow™ Frames.


Ahh Just realised what order this is - Your order was rushed to you out of our office.
Yes, unfortunately, someone packed it in a recycled box the had contained a pile of fake Flow frames, but that is the only recycled thing… well maybe some of the packaging was recycled.
But the rest of the product in there is all 100% Flow.


Thanks @Jed