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Replacement parts for flow super

Does anyone know where I can get spare parts for my flowhive without having to pay the silly £10 postage fee?

Welcome to our world. Australia produces very little now days and often I pay up to double the cost of a machine part in freight. If I buy a CD on ebay from UK costs 5$ plus $25 postage. Wife bought special needle for industrial sewing machine, cost $7 plus $30 postage. China recognises this and usually things are post free, pity they make mostly pirated stuff of poor quality.

Its ridiculous and being somone who sends things abroad regularly, I’m sure it isnt fair reflection of the actual cost. I do wonder if anyone on here has a 3D printer…

You can make wooden replacements for both the top plug which covers the crank square and the plug which goes in the bottom drain hole. Being a clutz frequently, I have lost both.
The idea is you make do with home made ones until you want a few of these then you order with no extra postage (like I did) plus a few spares. :grin: :grin: :wink:

Aaah thanks! I never thought of that. :slightly_smiling_face: