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Show a pic of your setup


Got the hive up out behind the pond. Bees arrive May 25th. Everything is starting to bloom. Wish we were getting them earlier


Thanks dawn, that is what I’ll do.


I’m not sure that these gaps around the flow frames are a fault of flow, certainly in the case above it appears that the joints haven’t been fitted together tightly.

If there is a similar gap on the other side, it would appear to account for the width of the spacer. Make sure those joints are nice and snug before putting in any screws.


Voici mon installations Flow Hybride sur un corps Dadant 10, couvre cadre et toit compatible dadant/ Lang


Here is a pic of my setup on the Gold coast Australia. Had some swarming issues early in the piece and it was due to the incorrect tung oil I used to coat the box’s. It did not say that it had petrochemicals on the can but after looking into the MSD sheets online it contained 70% petroleum. I caught all three swarms and put them back in the box and as of a month ago I replaced the brood box with a new one coated in pure tung oil, also added a second brood box to accommodate the extra bees and within 4 weeks I had to tap 3 flow frames because we were going away for a holiday and I wanted to make sure they had enough room to store honey and we received 8 litres of honey.
So for the moment I think they are happy :slight_smile:


Here is my little “Zen Apiary” in NC.


Here is my latest setup. New long hive going into service tomorrow. Bees from the hive on the left are going into it.:blush:


Good afternoon to all!

This is my Virginia Bee yard!

Still a work in progress, Bees are doing great! For only a month for the outer 2 and a week for the painted middle!


Very pretty structure. Nicely done.

I spy with my little eye… Honey-B-Healthy in syrup! :smile: Any problems with robbing? I dislike Boardman entrance feeders because of the risk of encouraging robbing. Of course the Honey-B-Healthy can make that even worse, as bees love anything with a decent smell. :flushed:


Dawn… I have not seen evidence of robbing yet! But am keeping an eye on them for sure. These ladies are going through a quart jar every other day, they are all new packages and I have been instructed by my bee supplier to keep feeding them and was advised to use the front feeders.

I did have the feeder inside an empty deep box above the brood box, but every time we did inspections we would spilled some in the hive regardless how hard we tried not to. as We tried so very carefully to slide it out so we would not have that happen but it seemed to every time.

Yes… these girls get their nutrients and vitamins on a regular basis!

Thank you for your expertise!


Bees arrive in two weeks. I hope they are going to be happy here! :honeybee:


Love the Dunny (if thats what it is). Brings back memories of scooting across the frosty ground in bare feet to make make that first visit in the morning.


nope @busso it’s just a shed at the back of the property which was perfect for all the beekeeping supplies. So we set up shop beside it :slight_smile: There is a little creek running right behind the hive.


Are these Flow Hives? They look like our roofs, but there is a hole in them, so I’m not sure…


Greetings from a newbie,
Here is my table setup. Will be adding two nucs to two hives this week.
What should I focus on?

Table for hives.jpg


Weatherproofing your hive stand? :smile: It looks gorgeous by the way, and my bees are very jealous.

If it was me, I would move it a little away from the wall, so that I could stand behind the hives to work on them. Bees do not like you standing in their flight path when you are inspecting the hive.

Otherwise do everything slowly and gently, as if you are handling a human baby, and the bees should stay calm. Don’t bang anything, or drop anything. Make sure you have plenty of time, and do everything when the day is warm and the sun is shining. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the gifts of nature. :blush:


Greetings @JohnT & welcome!! That’s a really nice stand/bench and it should serve well for two hives. I’d second everything Dawn said! And only add that I’ve found it handy to have another table or bench nearby to place equipment on - you’ll want part of your stand free to lean a frame on as you inspect the hives. Oh! and how about a nice lounge chair for yourself - so you can sit & be mesmerized by the bees :rainbow::heart_eyes::honeybee::two_hearts:


Thanks Dawn,
Hives have been treated with non toxic double layer of resin to protect the wood. The table has had one coat of same, and will receive more in time. Table weighs between 30-40 kilograms.


Johnny - what is the wood? Local? Looks nice.


Looks Great, I would suggest getting the Hive bottom 6-12" off of a flat surface so that the screen bottom can do it job. the screen bottom does provide some (little) but some benefit in Mite and beetle control.