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Show a pic of your setup


Thanks Marty,
That makes sense. I’ll look for some packers to lift the hives up.


just keep in mind, how tall it all will be

That top box full of honey is vary heavy to handle. Especially when your hot and the bees are flying around


the table is just 60cms high, and should be both low and high enough. I’ll add a photo once I’ve placed the hives which will give it better context.


:slight_smile: Italy I see, in Orvieto do the beekeepers run 1 brood and one honey supper(flow frames) or 2 brood and a Honey Supper (flow frames) Vail helped me out a lot with these same questions when I was setting up mine 1 1/2 years ago now. I even thought about putting a 3rd brood box on mine. if I do it will be to tall to manage :frowning:


These are my own boxes, built to flowhive dimensions. Building hives was a good winter project up here. I built a similar roof to the flowhive, but given the feedback on the cedar slats leaking, I used a thin plywood roof deck, with resawn cedar shingles instead to prevent any leaks.

Bees will be moving in first week of June, can’t wait!

Its been a really slow spring here so far, probably be next year before the flow frames go on.

Here is a pic of the full hive, with a couple hams in the background!


Tony … How many colonies of bees do you have total for the 2017 season ? I’m looking at the pix’s you posted of the fallen pine tree. I know my wife’s family usually plant wind breaks row of several tree n shrub species.

What type of fruit trees do you plant to plant in your future orchard ?! What part of Wyoming do you live in the has pine trees ? How long have you been a beekeeper bro ? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to get an idea of your beekeeping experience.

How’s your wife n daughter after the long winter ??!! Do you have any fresh pix’s of this Spring in your beeyard(s) ?! Love to see a couple to see your progress.

I live over here in Westrrn Washington in the lower foothill country 20 or so ms SE of Seattle. Been a long cool n damp Fall/Winter/Spring so far… My bees are doing rather we considering that Wx handicap.

I’ve got two apiaries. My largest in my small Burbs backyard. We don’t have the nice open spaces you have. My second apiary I set up about 12 ms away at my daughters property. I use her place to take temperary splits so I can place them over 2 or 3 ms away. I guess 12 ms fills that requirement well enough. :grinning:

Enough chatter for now. Let us know how things are this new season.




Love your tall skyscraper hive setup. Where are you that you are running so many deeps for the bees ?! That’s going to be one powerful work force of bees, nectar n honey. I’m up in Puget Sound SE of Seattle. We’d never in a million years have a nectar flow big enough to fill that bee hotel. Awesome :+1:

Pop us a note on here. Love to know more about your bees n apiary.

Cheers bro,



Nice work. Your roof is well done from
what I can see n determine from the pix. I’ve got three Flow-type roofs. I figured from the shallow pitch n back wicking they might seep rain n moisture into the hive. We get 30 to 45" of wet annually here in Puget Sound to chalk each overlapped seam. No leaks n my hives are dry even with our record rain since 1st January of 10 1/2" more than our average rain water. Better to be safe than sorry ! :smile:

If you have time please pop a couple more pix’s to us here on the forum to see your apiary n progress !

Ta Ta,



Hi Dan, The wood is treated pine, and is as heavy as can be. I’ll still be applying two coats of non toxic stain, which leaves a waterproof finish in resin style. All cut locally.


Love the dovetails.
Nice job.


Wow looks like a nice hive :slight_smile:
And by hams, are you referring to the children? lol


Not flow hives. They are a “garden” roof from my local supplier. Wrapped in Copper tin. I only bought the flow supers from you guys. A little cheaper on my end :slight_smile: You need a Canadian supplier!!


I started with one hive and had a good harvest last fall of 3 gallons of honey. This year I have two hives. Here is a pic of my first harvest.

Also, I thought this pertinent to Bee keepers and the fight against Varroa Destructor:
They have a kickstarter campaign for a Bee scanning App that utilizes image analyzing technology based on cutting edge neural networks and deep learning to detect Varroa in pictures of Bees.



I live in the Transylvania region of Romania, and after a year off beekeeping, I just acquired three colonies of bees in two hives (one duplex). It was a bit of an unplanned acquisition, I just learned that an acquaintance wants to give up beekeeping, and sell what’s left of his apiary. So I bought these hives with bees, and gave them a new home. I have four more colonies planned to arrive, and I have to figure out how to get bees into my Flow hive (due to frame size differences). See more info about beekeeping in my neck of the woods in this topic.

Hello from Transylvania

Here’s the updated photo.



How ofter do you inspect the hives? I have 5 and have trouble getting into them weekly.



This is my bee clubs teaching apiary. I usually have about 15-20 people break up into 3 groups and we go through the hives every two weeks. Luckily it’s only a few miles from my house so I drive by all the time.


Well, 3 Nucs successfully installed this past weekend.

Interestingly one of the NUCs already had queen cups built, and when topping off the feeder last night it was buzzing loudly. If it ever stops raining; I’m going to have to take a look.

Anyone ever have a freshly installed NUC swarm?


Four flowhives in operation. First time beekeeper this year. The hives are expanding fast and I just put on medium supers.


2 flow hives. EHeartwood.com freeman beetle trap bottom bases I modified by taking the angled pieces off my flow hive bottom boards.