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Show a pic of your setup


They look awesome :slight_smile: have you got any honey yet?


No, not expecting g any until next year. Started with a 10,000 bee package in each on May 9th.


Not yet. They are new hives this year, started from nucs. Given the rate they are expanding, there’s a good chance I might get honey this first year, but I will be focusing on ensuring that the bees have enough honey for themselves to get through their first winter.


What did you use around the legs for any moats?



I used deck post caps turned upside down and filled with water. You can also use mineral oil for less evaporation. Kinda like these:



Our flow frame on the window side is completely full and 97% capped. We have attempted to inspect the frames and have had no luck getting them out! Between the tight fit and every inch of each flow frame sealed with propolis from top to bottom and side to side we can not remove any of them. The entire box weighs about 70-75 lbs.

The back window of the flow frames shows that the end cells are not filled at all. Is it normal for the end cells to not be filled?

Should we harvest this frame or any others since we are unable to do a full inspection of both sides of the flow frames?

Dee Diesman


I answered on the other thread where you posted the same question… :blush:


I don’t have a lot of space in my yard and a pretty flat roof so here goes…
I sourced the colony from Jeff in Buderim who’s a rippa bloke and gave me a lot of starting advice during my visit. I’m not a tradesman by any stretch so I don’t claim this to be a neat job but it’ll work fine I think with enough room for another hive down the track.


Looks great mate, we’re in Brisbane also. Can I say I think you should put a length of wood between the other legs same as you did the other side. I know you will have to level it up again but the reason being is that once you put the flow super on top and it fills up the total weight on the legs is going to be 40 to 50kg. That may damage the colourbond sheet where the legs are sitting directly on it. Best to spread the weight.
It will do great there and it will be filling up before you know it. The flow just doesn’t stop in Brisbane with our weather so warm.
Good luck Gary


Thanks Gaz. Now that I think about it you’re absolutely right. I’ll get that done soon. Cheers


I thought I’d post a new pic of my setup since moving. You can see I rigged the 10 frame box with a reducer so the flow 8 frame box could go on.


That’s a nice simple mod :slight_smile: That would be good under the building and modification section somewhere so others can see what you have done :slight_smile:


I’ll take some closer shots and follow up there


We ordered two Flow Hives and while we were waiting for delivery saw a bear on the property. Wife saw someone build a bee house on YouTube and next thing you know viola.


Wow! Wow!! Just wow… That is amazing. Fantastic for Canadian weather too. You deserve a lot of success with effort like that. :blush:


My set up flow super with plastic hive boxes and frames.


Nice grass trees in the backgound. You don’t say where, but by the vegetation and soil maybe Denmark? (West Aussie)


Got the west aussie right, Seaview Park near Lancelin. If I had of turned further around you would have seen some much larger Black Boys-OPPS I mean grass trees.:wink:


Looks like bee heaven :slight_smile: