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Show a pic of your setup


Hi Mark. Nice set up. I’m curious how you find the plastic hives? I am new to bee keeping. I have two wooden Langstroth hives with a nuc in each. I live in Albany WA and I’m wondering if I need something with more insulation for my bees.


I’m new to bee keeping too. Have other mates using wooden hives so I thought I would try the plastic ones. So far I have had no problems.


busso the bigger grass trees that were behind me


Wow fantastic set up just love it :slight_smile: we have one flow and looking at a second now :slight_smile: Kind regards
Mark and Kate


And this is our setup now. We had a rare snow event here in Louisiana last week and the bees survived their 1st snow and hard freeze!


Great idea I was given a 10 frame hive and I was just using it as a transport hive. I would like to split my hive this spring and shipping is so expensive I hated to buy another at this time. Thanks I am excited for spring.


I just bought the flow mechanics and it came with a gig to fit it in my bee box
I only paid $380 Australia and it fits well


Hi Ricky- what is the “gig” you mention here?


Sorry about that
It’s a pattern or a template to follow to convert your bees box into the flowhive box I didn’t cut the side window out I didn’t think it was necessary and was just another way for the hive beetles to get in


You should stick a few chooks in there to help with beetles?


Ricky could you explain what a chook is as I’m not familiar with that. Thanks


Australian for a chicken. :blush:


Here is my setup. Single Flowhive on a double stand I made, with a pet waterer.

I’m in Gerringong NSW. The bees came as a package in mid-November 2017 and I fed them syrup for the first month. They had mostly fully drawn the ten frames by then. I put the super on when the hive was 90% full, and haven’t looked back.

I took out two Flow frames and put in three foundationless wooden frames, which are now almost fully drawn with comb and being filled with nectar. The bees are also working well on the Flow frames. I expect to harvest a Flow frame in about one month.

This beeking thing could not have gone more successfully. I’ve tried to do everything right. I’m surprised my computer isn’t worn out with all the YouTube beeking videos I’ve watched.


That’s awesome! We’re thinking of getting one too for our hive :slight_smile:


Here’s mine. There isn’t a super on there yet because we just got our bees.


I’m just north here in Tennessee and we had a hard winter and my girls made it! Man it sure looks cold down South! :smiley:


Ma ruche cheminée dans un jardin collectif partagé


Love the bee chimmeny


It a dadant 10 frames + Flow hybride

Best regards


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Do you have anymore photos or details of how you constructed the chimney?