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And It's finally here!


Came home to this little beauty. Everything looks to be there but I guess I won’t know until I put it all together this weekend.

Good and Bad, Review of flow frames I received today

Mine will arrive on Friday! :smile: I guess we will both be building this weekend. :wink:


just wait till you smell it…

omg… heaven… :grin:


Have fun both of you - Just in time to kick off the season.
@adagna Adam when do the bees arrive?


I have a large collection of Bee Thinking deep brood boxes, mediums, inner covers etc, so I already know how good it smells! :blush:

We are actually very lucky, our living room has a WRC vaulted ceiling, and when we have been away the heavenly scent builds up and makes us appreciate it all over again! :smile:


I have my jacket, smoker, hive tool, and some tung oil coming in the mail as we speak. The bees should be here in 2-3 weeks if I am remembering correctly.


Mine are mid to late April, if my bee supplier’s apiary is doing OK in our continuing drought…

I am going to set up an empty hive with frames and Lemongrass oil, just in case I can catch some free bees. :smile:


You always manage to call me out Dawn. Now that you say April you might be right. I have to go back and look at my invoice on my package. I ordered the bees back in Sept… My brain is slipping.

I also bought the SolutionBee hive scale. It was a pretty penny(still a 1/4 of what the competition is) but this is going to be my pet project and I want as much information and data about what is going on as possible. I guess I’m a bit of a nerd that way.


Not my intent, Adam. You probably are getting them in March - I think packages often ship sooner than nuclei are available. With your desert climate, it would be nice if you can get them in March.

By the way, my husband wants an Arnia system… His birthday is in August, so maybe I have found a great gift for him! :wink:


LOL I had to go check all I have is a tentative delivery schedule between April-May. Hopefully it is more April, then May


I have brought one of my Nuc Boxes inside ready to take up onto the roof when I see the first signs of Drones - It is a national as I’m sure they will go quicker - depends on the weather if it fines-up may do 2 - I have some Swarm Patrol and some lemongrass. May do one of each and see which works best.
I have a piece of Comb from last year I use as a display I may use that as well or some old frames


May be an over wintered queen?


Maybe, or may just be that 5 frame nucs usually have at least one frame of honey, so you need to be far enough into the season for that to be reliable. I know that my local queen supplier starts shipping queens from this year in March:


I think that I will jut have to hang out in my sauna to get the whiff of WRC until my Flow arrives


I was on their list for a nuc, but then they decided not to sell any this year, so hopefully soon I’ll catch or trap a swarm and depending on how they fair, later change the queen with one from wildflowermedows. Also have a nuc coming from a local source in April as a back-up. Already had one swarm arrive at then apt complex I stay at during the week, but it was just a bunch of scouts, the queen never showed, that was a few days ago.


DANG IT!!! UPS messed up. Won’t be here until Monday at the earliest… BOOOOHOOO!!! :sob:



I just wanted to say that the Veiled hat is excellent…

I wasn’t expecting it and its brilliantly made… I wear this hat nearly every day as I go out to check how the hive it going…

i’ll wear it with the Veil up and it the bees become a bit annoyed I can just drop the veil and go about my business… :slight_smile:


It was a nice touch. I wasn’t expecting that either. It’s a touch snug but not uncomfortable. I have a big head. What are you gonna do?

That’s terrible news Dawn. Hopefully it’s not like the last thing ups screwed up and took an additional 9 days to arrive


Well, I have to look on the bright side… I wanted a nucleus for March, but local best guy had sold out until April. So now I have a bit of a delay, I still have time to build, seal and dry before the bees are ready! Yay!!! :joy: :sob:


I made the mistake of putting an AD in the paper for Bee Swarms…

just one time…

I was getting phone calls for a month… :joy:

and they were all problem Bees in walls, roofs, etc etc… they didn’t “GET” the meaning of “SWARM” :confounded:

but anyways… I helped a place that has weddings and bees moved into one of their barrels… the brides maid to a wedding party was allergic to bees and during the trials the day before their ring bearer, a dog, got stung on the face… then someone tried to brush off the bee but instead whacked the dog across the face with a rolled up paper… :joy:

the owner of the place blocked the hole in the barrel but others coming back from foraging were bearding on the outside still… they looked so calm I put on a short pair of gloves to grab the ball of bees and put them into the box… simple right? :slightly_smiling:

but as soon as I grabbed them they went bananas and I was stung four times on the arms in like one second… :confused:

the next lot were in a dumpster of rubbish… but that’s a whole other story… after telling the owner of the property to stay back he came and had a look with me… swished at the bees like you would flies and he got stung on the eyelid… told him that they’d keep coming at the sting so he went back a little bit… but they chased him down and stung him on the eyelid again… :joy:

so I got those stings out and he went inside…

but that job was another mess but I was able to get more bees into the hive… some dark ones and some brown ones…

but no queen… after a couple of weeks after putting in some honey for them and some brood… they made their own Queen … I am so proud of them … :grin:

and these are the bees that are in my Flow Hive today… some black… some brown… and they have given us 8 kilograms of Honey already…

they are a great strong hive… :slight_smile: