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Show a pic of your setup


Hi Neill,

Why did you take out the Flow frames?
Any particular reason?
Thank you.


Hi guys!

Bees arrived last Saturday, 05/05.
I have two hives, one Flow and one standard.
I live in northern Italy, near Garda Lake.


I removed two flow frames and replaced them with three empty wooden frames, to be drawn with comb and filled with honey, for two reasons:

  1. Firstly because I am new to beeking and wanted to have one frame of honeycomb to try myself
  2. I wanted to have the two other frames to keep in the freezer over winter as an additional, emergency, food supply for the bees.
    I removed these three wooden frames a week ago and put the two Flow frames back in the super. The experiment was a complete success.


Thank you Neill, interesting!


You have a beautiful country Luca. Spent 10 days in Desenzano three years ago and loved it. Not far from you?
Spending this September in Firenze. Good luck with your bees.They appear to be off to a great start. Regards, Ken


Stopped across the lake from your location at Lazise for lunch, whilst travelling Venice from Milan in 2011, ended up spending 4 days there, absolutely fantastic place Lago di Garda.


Hi Macbee!
Thanks for your message.
I live in Moniga del Garda, actually 10 minutes far by car from Desenzano :wink:
You will love Firenze!


Hi liteceeper, I do agree :wink:


Hi Luca, away from bees for a second. The last photo, is that your weekender, a place to go and relax??!! What actually is it?, when you stop laughing. Have you any idea when it was built? Love the high walls to keep the tax man away!!!


Hi Peter, that is the castle of Moniga del Garda.
It was first built around 900 AD, then abandoned and rebuilt around 1300 AD.
The civilians used to live outside the castle, in wooden houses. In case of Barbarian invasions all the civilians used the castle as a shelter.



While I was waiting for my 2x Flow2’s to arrive in August I thought I’d build a 5 frame nuc box out of some pallet wood I had left over from the chook house build (just because). It came out ok, so I thought I’d build another.
Then I thought “I’ve got plywood nuc’s for temporary use, let’s build a base, inner and lid”, so I did.
Then I got impatient, bought a nuc and installed them a week ago.
But it was while I was staring at these bees busily going in and out of the entrance that I started worrying (stupid brain),”what if they run out of room before the hives turn up?”, so onto the Flow website, credit card at the ready and less than a week later a box full of Flow frames turn up.
Back into the shed and the very nearly finished result is a 4 frame Flow super that hopefully needs to be used in couplemore weeks.




Bellissima, complimenti Luca


An excellent job of carpentry Brad, I hope you have it in the shade for summer to cut down on the heat build up.


What a cute little hive :slight_smile:

Will be nice to see how you go with your 4 frame Flow Hive.


Thanks Peter, it’s got morning sun/afternoon shade.


Thanks Faroe, I’m unsure how I feel about my hive being called “cute”:laughing:
I’m really keen to see how it works as well, I’m not doing this specifically for the honey but I guess it represents a definitive end goal of sorts that lets you know you’ve done it right.


Hey Brad, why I asked about shade is that most hives are painted white so that the hives don’t overheat from direct sun light, white is the color that reflects off the most heat build up. You have done a great job of making the nuc.


Cute is a compliment :wink: Meaning nice, and also small.

Let me reword it for you :slight_smile:
What a beautiful, sturdy looking beehive, incorporating 4 Flow Frames.