Technology in the Apiary

Howdy to All,

I’m sure some of you may use various types of technology in your apiary. We use a live, streaming webcam to watch our beehives year 'round along with electronic hive scales. In addition to keeping bees as a hobby, we also are amateur weather observers. As honeybees are directly affected by the weather, we keep a watchful eye on our bees throughout the year and seek to promote general awareness of how honeybees and weather are inter-related.

Our live webcam can be viewed here:

We use O’Keefe Electronics Inc. Wi-Fi / Cellular Hive Scales and an Amcrest Model IP2M-850E Webcam. Data is transmitted via a Ubiquiti Mesh Wi-Fi Network.

Application of technology to our apiary arises from life-long interests in technology & beekeeping. Somewhere along with the way I also became a ham radio operator (Callsign AK4ZX).

Gary Ownsby
Chattanooga, TN

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It’s 7:17 AM here in Nashville and it’s raining here too. That was cool though it took 2 times to get the camera on google chrome to buffer and sign on. Thanks for sharing that!. I used My ARLO home security camera and captured a swarm on video via a security camera with motion sensors on it. Your set up is great! Again thanks for sharing!

Hi Martha. I was adjusting the webcam a bit earlier today which might account for the buffering you experienced. I occasionally have to fine tune the microwave beam due to changes in foliage between the two antennas. Thank you for visiting.

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I not that far from you so watching your apiary is great. Is it on a youtube channel?

This video stream is not connected with YouTube but rather to a commercial streaming server. YouTube typically requires local software to stream into their system but as this webcam is a feed-only (no built-in software) it can’t be direct connected to YouTube. The commercial setup is much more simplistic (albeit a monthly fee is required). The webcam feeds directly to the commercial service and that’s it…basically almost any web-enabled camera can be connected to the commercial service with no “middle-man” software required. So for now, this is the simplest approach with this particular camera. 'Hope that makes sense.

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