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Texas US Clubs Or local Mentor


1st of all, curious on where you’re located. For I would like to at least keep up with others that might be close to my area. I work in uptown Dallas I will have my hive at my home in North Dallas. I’m presently signed up for a class just north of Houston next month.

2nd, I’m here just to learn how to inspect, how to look for diseases, what diseases and other issues with keeping bees. Ideas on how to enhance their well-being and environment. If any of that can be offered to me by yourself or others it would be greatly appreciated for I am certainly looking for a local mentor.

3rd, not sure if this is even a valid question, but wanting to understand about giving away or selling the honey I get from my hive. For right now I do not have any hive or experience. And not sure if there’s any labeling or inspections that need to occur in order to give away or sell my honey.

4th, I wish I could’ve gotten my flow hive right away, in many ways I’m looking back and seeing this as a blessing. It’s forcing me to become part of my local beekeeping community, getting prepared with materials and some knowledge experience. I understand the practical experience will come with time.

Would love to be invited to a local beehive just to start taking in information.



G’day @Martydallas,

4: - I know exactly where you are coming from but now I have itchy feet and want to get on with bees and new hives.

2: - There a several good videos - five from Florida? Here’s the link

3: - You need to check with your state - each one has differing rules check with your local association is best


:wink: yes I agree with all, I found the Florida videos a few weeks ago and posted it here for others. There are a lot of good/GREAT videos out there. I know real life experience will get me a lot Further along than watching any video.

I’m hoping someone on here that lives in Dallas/Texas may be able to invite me over to see their beehive and talk to me about giving and/or selling honey :slight_smile:


Howzit Marty - I am 100 miles away so a bit too far from you, but there is a club in McKinney and a couple of others in the DFW area so just find the one closest to you.

Right now, you cannot sell your honey in Texas unless you have a commercial kitchen that has been state inspected. Good news - this is likely to change this year. There are a couple of bills that are being looked at right now to change this so that small producers of honey can sell directly to the public, and one has gone through several stages. This will mean you can sell at farmer’s markets and the like, but cannot sell in a store. As yet the bills have not been passed (and this thread is a great reminder to me to contact my Texas Senator and find out what is happening). You should do the same - phone whomever it is and ask about the progress of SB1766.

Here is the text:



Absolutely thank you for this reply and yes I will contact my senator immediately.

I ride a motorcycle, and always looking for day trips if by chance you would be up for me bringing my new beekeeping suit and just hanging out for 20 minutes to an hour or a few hours to lend a helping hand or something let me know.

Mainly, the question I had about selling my honey is for my neighbors and/or recouping the cost of packaging only not looking to make a profit at all. I do understand selling, is selling and the requirements have to be met. Do hope this bill will get past.



Marty, it would be a day trip - we are at least 90 minutes from Dallas, depending on the traffic. Also, right now all my hives are top bar, I am not switching to Langs until the Flows arrive, and that will be December (if Flow delivers on time). I then have to get those hives established (spring), so it will be a while before I have anything to share by way of Langs. That said, this area is very pretty, the nearest town is downright charming, and we are near a lake and state park, so a day trip would be worth it just in general. Right now, however, you probably would be better off finding a nearby club.