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Texas Beekeepers Association


Here is a link if you need it for Texas area bee keepers at http://texasbeekeepers.org/. My wife and I have been members for about 5 years now and have attended three or four state conventions to further our knowledge.


What city are you in, I am in North Dallas. I have signed up for a class near Houston, I think the class in next month, so looking forward to it.


I loved the honey locator map. Of course the places that are indicated for my area are commercial operations, but still, nice to see they are represented.


Jefferson south of Texarkana. Here is a listing of all thre local beekeepers clubs in Texas that you can see which one is closest to you. Listing of Local Beekeepers’ Associations in Texas with
Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association
Bob Richie - (214) 793-1516
8266 Barbaree Blvd., Dallas, TX 75228

Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of each month
(except August), Continuing Education Center,
C.C.Young Facility, 4847 West Lawther Dr.,
Dallas, TX 75214 @ 7 - 9 pm


Here is a link for the local bee keeping Associations in Texas so you can locate the club nearest your area. http://texasbeekeepers.org/local-beekeeper-associations/. If there link does not work because some links on the website will only be accessible for members. If so let me know your general location and I can post the local club for you.


There is nothing locally. I’ve already checked and am not prepared to drive 100 miles to Dallas. Right now, I am a beekeeping club of one for my county.


Jefferson is lovely. Great location. Honeymoon capital of Texas (pardon the ugly pun).


Check with Extension offices as well more of them are getting involved and partnering with local beekeeping clubs.


Yes it is. There was more old B & B’s here, but some new ones have sprouted up in the past few years.


Yep. Thanks. Been there, done that, still a club of one. I do know of at least two people within 5 miles, though, that keep bees, one of whom started within this last week. I just don’t know who they are or exactly where they are.


There seems to be resistance to the Flow Hive by the old, established local clubs. My offer to bring up the Flow Hive and offer a video in my local club was met by “There will be no time in the meetings for such information for at least several months” Please take your new ideas and inventions away.

What about starting a Category for Flow Hive beekeepers for a particular area in this forum? “Texas Flow Hive Keepers” Then various Topics could be discussed for the area. The challenges and obstacles dealt in keeping bees is so geography specific, that sharing ideas in a specific location would be really helpful.


Hello, I am interested in setting up a Flow Hive in my backyard. I am new to this, therefor I am doing a lot of research to make sure this is for me. I live in Jefferson County - Beaumont, TX and was wondering - how can I settle/establish bees in the new home (Flow Hive)?
Also, does anyone one know of a bee club in South East Texas?

Thank you for your help!


I was met with resistance when speaking with beekeeping organizations in Texas. I learned really quick to just keep flow hive info to myself for now. For the most part, people fear change. Throughout history it has been the people brave enough to challenge old ways of doing things that change the world for the better.

I really like the idea of having the Texas Flow Hive catergory on the forum. It would be nice to share trials and triumphs with fellow Texans.


The closest one to you that I know of…and that is in Texas terms of close…is in Brenham. It’s the Central Texas Beekeepers Association. Very nice people. They hold an annual beekeeping school that we attended this year. A lot of good information. Hope this helps.


I am a newbee to beekeeping and recently joined the Collin County Hobby Beekeeping Association (http://cchba.org/) which meets monthly in McKinney. It is a mature organization with over 100 members and has excellent programs. There is currently a conversation about setting up an affiliated association in Denton County, a neighboring county. I observe that there is more of a questioning of the new Flow technology then outright resistance. Any organization will have its early adopters, followers, observers and resistors. I will devote my time to learning and gradually sharing my experience. If you are nearby I would be interested in your experience.


Is about 100 miles nearby? I don’t think many people got their flows in time to use last year, most are starting out this year (2016), so experience in Texas is probably limited.