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Hi Dee
Went over today and checked for queen cells, and found about eight, kept the two best ones, and got rid of the others, hopefully in a month the new queen will be up and running.
Just before I left I went to see if they had settled down and got attacked for my troubles, stung between my eyes and on the head lol, good job I don’t react to the stings.



Its good you choose two the queen cells, I helped someone else do that with their hive, and the bees were really aggressive I got stung atleast 8 times. They got into my jacket and all. Did the same with my bees and they did not mind at all. I like my calm bees. :smile:

My two virgin queen would be emerging this week.

I should do my last inspection on snow white’s colony as they were running out of space. I gave them another brood box. I don’t think I am going to see much honey crop this year from this hive. But who know things could change.


Oh dear. Yes they don’t like you taking Queen cels down. Hope you’re ok.


Hi Dee
Yes I’m ok just itchy on the bridge of my nose, no sign of the sting tho.
Guess you are right about the girls being feisty after I destroyed some of the queen cells normally they are quite good.
Be another month now before I can check to see if she’s hatched and laying well so I can bring them back.
Happy beekeeping.


Thanks Paras hope all goes well


Yes his bees did not like it, on the other hand my bees are so placid the perfect bees for a beginner. I am very fortunate to have such bees from the start. Makes it easier to build up confidence in beekeeping.

I can see how this can put some beginners off beekeeping.

I was fine, when I got home I had 3 Omega 3 plus and 3 Multivitamin. Its good to have nutritional knowledge as it helps.


Thank you Ian

I will keep you all posted on how it goes

Its all a learning experience, want to get 2 more flowhive’s


Hi Paras
Just checked my main hive out which I did the split from, found it to be bristling with bee’s, but a bit concerned that I found four capped queen cells in both brood boxes, I dispatched them all, the queen is in residence and laying well and plenty of room, hope they weren’t thinking of swarming, have put supers on just in case.


Are you using the omega 3 for it’s anti-inflammatory properties? I have a bad reaction to stings, so looking into all my options.


you got stung because the hive is queenless
when they get an egg laying queen all the anarchy will stop.


Thanks Dave it explains why they are feisty I’m a newbie to this learning the hard way lol


Turmeric has been tested in clinical trials and found to be a good anti-inflammatory, if you take enough of it. You would probably need about 5 of these:

If you take it with a hefty dose of freshly ground black pepper (and some food, of course!), it is better absorbed. :blush:


I know about turmeric, and also to take with pepper, but hadn’t heard of taking internally for bee stings, that’s why I’m asking @Paras if that’s his reasoning for the omega 3.
Curious to see some results/research on it… but it makes sense logically, just hadn’t thought of it for bee stings.


A complete Family of Omega 3 has high properties of anti-inflammatory properties. There are lots of brands out there that do more harm than good.

To test an Wholefood Omega 3 supplement is good for you is by cut a cap and put it in the polystyrene cup if it eats the cut within 15min you should avoid taking that supplement as it does more harm to you than good.

I have been taking a brand that is clinically tested and they are certified. I have been using the brand for the last 20 yrs and would recommend it to anyone.


As a child my grand father used to use Turmeric make a paste and apply on the sting as well as take it. However I have learnt that most Turmeric powder has tracies of Led, its best to get the rood and juice it which is a safer option to avoid led poising over long period.

Turmeric had high properties of anti-inflammatory.

My 20 years of knowledge in Nutrition if you had to ask me what to take for anti-inflation I would go for Organic Wholefood Cold Press Complete Family of Omega 3.

To give you a testimony on how powerful Omega 3 is, my son at age 18 months I gave him egg, he had an allergic reaction and flared up. My wife wanted to rush him to the hospital, I asked her to give me 15 mins. I cut on the edge of an Omega 3 capsule and squeezed the Omega 3 in his mouth. Within 10 mins he went back to normal as if nothing had happen.

I can send you clinical results on these which you can read up.


Today in my inspection I noticed that Snow White colony had queen cells, I had double brood this colony on Tuesday again.

I left the two queen cups as they were in a nice spot to have a good queen cell in. so will continue my weekly inspection. I have been putting one foundation frame between brood giving the bees some work to do.

Will leave the bees now for atleast 2 weeks now as the new virgin queens will be coming out within this two weeks for their mating flight.

If the two new queens are successful mated I have named them Ruby & Red Coral.


Gday all hope you all don’t mind me jumping in on this post. I’m a Australian Beekeeper in Perth running a few hives Lang’s and flows .
I’m visiting Europe- England , Holland , Paris in early June . While I’m in Europe I’m wanting to visit other keepers and see there hives if your interested let me know , very interested in see what you have got


For the past 2 years I have been using plastic foundation and the bees do draw it up. However tried something new this year and put two frames of foundation-less frames and in my last inspection in Fire Opal colony the bees have drawn foundation-less frames really good.

I never thought the bees would draw it out straight as they have done. I shall take pictures next time I inspect the hive as the colony have been expanding very quickly. This was the hive that was really strong to start with.

Have double brood this hive as it would swarm again due to the space its filling out the brood. From how quick the colony has been expanding this colony is really doing great.

I have moved one of the new colony 1.5 meters away and all the flying bees went into the main hive which I had already planned. will move the other new colony a meter away and let the flying bees decide to go to snow white’s colony or its new colony.

I am waiting for discount to start to place an order for 2 more FlowHive’s for the new colonies.


I’m in Hastings. First time bee keeper. I recently installed my nuc and did my first inspection yesterday, only to find three supersedure cells bursting with royal jelly :frowning:


Hi John they probably have not liked the current queen and planning to replace her. Have you seen the current queen?

You should communicate this to the person you bought the Nuc from and let them know. That way if they can supply to you a laying queen. They should have made sure she was laying well before selling the Nuc to you.