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UK Flow keepers


Snow White the queen from 2016 and she is laying okay, will only replace her if I a better queen to replace her with, otherwise will make all efforts to ensure she goes through the coming winter. Her daughter Fire Opal from 2017 started the season early and has really performed well.

Next year will plan on getting some 4 frame Nuc boxes from honey Paw and rear new queens. I would only replace the queen if the new one out performs the current one.


Helloooo Uk Beekeepers

There doesn’t seem to bee much going on the forum from here in the UK right now.
Let’s hear your stories and successes and how you’re doing during this wonderful Summer we’re having!
Here’s hoping to kick start this thread… :sunny: :honeybee: :yellow_heart:


There is. It is just that the UK beekeepers are not very nationalistic. :smile:

@Dee @sunrisebluesky and @johnjuniorsterling have all posted recently. They are all in the UK. This forum is not very tribal though, all are welcome to discuss all issues, wherever they are based. :smile:


Hello Im from the UK. A newbie in my first year. I have gone from two hives to 5! Caught a swarm, split one that i figured was about to swarm and brought on a few frames of brood with a QC that is now a Q that when i move to yet another hive i hope will be laying in earnest. Cant seem to keep up with the equipment demands!! :wave:


Hello, I thought people ran away from this chat room after my last post, lol

I have performed two artificial swarm control early the year and only got to raise one queen (Ruby), I thought she was not laying well as had only four frame of brood. I gave a full 8 frames of stores to the colony from a laying worker colony which I kicked out from the hive.

The laying worker bees colony did not raise a queen successful so decided to removed the hive from it’s location and let the flying bees find its new home. I shook all the bees out 100 yards away and most the flying bees are at the bottom of the Ruby’s colony in the evening, during the day they are foraging.

I have bought two Nuc boxes from Honey Paw and will get some more for swarm control and raising new queens each year, if I don’t need them I shall sell the Nuc bees as long as it has successful laying queen. That way I can be making my own queen each year when I am preventing swarm control. As my colony are large I will buy 3 Nuc Boxes per colony for swarm control. The Nuc boxes take 4 frame and have a top feeder.

Snow White my 2016 queen started off slow they stayed to 10 frames of brood however rather than working on the super they were storing in brood box, I moved all the stores last weekend at the bottom and uncapped the honey, the bees started to move the honey into the supper.

Snow white’s daughter Fire Opal my 2017 queen expanded very early in the season and had about 16 frames of brood by April, I performed an artificial swarm with both colonies using Snelgrove method.
Though Fire Opal daughter queen was not successful this is the colony which had laying workers.

Fire Opal’s colony has four frames ready to harvest at present, I shall be harvest the frames that are fully capped. I have never pulled the frames out to see if they are capped nor will I do that, I just been observing from the window to see if they are capped from the side, as the bees have been starting to fill the honey from center 1st and move on to the edges.


Well here we go. Hi UK flowbeeks! Add me to the list. I purchased the full flow system on launch and it spurred me into becoming a beekeeper. Joined my local, Sheffield, society, did the course etc. My 3rd year now! Finally some honey. First year - drone laying queen. Last year various other problems. I now have 3 hives and my main one is going great! A young queen. Oodles of bees in 2 full langstroth brood boxes. I jettisoned the flow hive as its only an 8 frame box, and my others are 10, so redesigns and modified a brood box for the flow frames. Purchased and extra frame to make it 7.
so here we are: not long before harvest. can’t wait…


It’s great to see that your persistence is finally paying off. Well done, cheers.


FlowHive bees are Pollen Crazy


I’m not sure that flow hive bees are any more pollen crazy than old school hive bees. It looks like you have plans to greatly increase your apiary.


I had set-up my Apiary that way from the start to allow for expansion. I do have plan on getting more FlowHives. Also need to raise new queens and Nuc.

I am aware that bee’s don’t care what hive they living in and they would bring the same amount of pollen on other hives if they had the space. I thought it would be good conversation starter in the UK chat.

I think most UK FlowHive are on FaceBook.


Well done Paras, good luck with it all, cheers.