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UK Flow keepers


I’ll try to remember to get some pics next time I am able.


An update, My bee’s have drawn on the plastic foundation. I would suggest to get the black ones as it is easy to see the eggs & Larvae at a day old.

I got the plastic frame & foundation one and the wooden frame with plastic foundation. I found the plastic frame easy to grip than the wooden one.

A few bees in the FlowHive Super but I guess they will use this next year as the season is almost over.


@Paras I find it harder to spot eggs in dark foundation


I named by 1st queen SnowWhite as she is marked white, lol.

When I 1st added the second brood box, SnowWhite layed eggs by day 4 on the 6 of the plastic frames, and it was really easy to see the white eggs against the black foundation background.

Next time I inspect will take a picture.


I have a question when do you remove the FlowHive Super, I have been told I may want to take off the flow hive super. Most flows are over (and I do not want solid ivy in there). I am welcoming any suggestions form other FlowHive experience beekeepers.


Remove it right now, then. :wink:


I have just put porter bee escapes on to clear them out. Will leave mine in the hive but a poly carb screen stopping them going up.


I’m in Brentwood Essex a newbie. I have just got myself a flow hive, no bees yet. Will be joining my local beekeeper association shortly. Flow hive churned up my child hood dreams of keeping bees.


Thanks will be placing a bee escape this evening for the bees to clear out, I was getting excited that the Flow-hive Super was covered with bees. But I guess now I have to wait another year to see it work.


Hi Pacq, We are close to each other, I know few other FlowHive Beekeepers who did the course with me.

The Course I did was good, they we were doing practical (Opening Hives) from Day 1. A friend of mine went to the Romford beekeeping course and said he learnt more from YouTube & Books than the course.


Hi Paras, where are you based. Which course did you go on. I would like to know.

Nearly done with the assembling of my Flowhive. Just the roof to do and the observation window. Need to get some screws from B&Q.



I am in Chigwell.

The course I attended was organised by the Epping Forest Beekeepers.

You can contact Robin @ Epping Forest Beekeepers
Robin said the course is available on a 1st come 1st basis.

How come you had to get to screws from B&Q, if you purchased the complete FlowHive you would have had all the items to make it.

There will be people who will discourage you on using the FlowHive, I would suggest learn what you need to be a beekeeper and the FlowHive Beekeepers in Essex can guide each other.



Im a UK flow keeper - a very new one! I’m in Lichfield in the midlands, anyone else near me?


Hi Paras there were a few screws missing. Hence my visit to B&Q

I have read a lot of articles in apiculture publications, forums and reviews. Not everyone likes the Flowhive, but I think it is one of the best innovations for the beekeeper and the beekeeping community to date.


@Sallywags I’m near you - Solihull - I belong to Solihull Branch, Warwickshire region of the BBKA


Hi Valli - i belong South Staffordshire BBKA, so not too far away! it’s nice to know there is another one nearby!


We share a regional bee inspector Jo Schup - she’s really nice - met her a few times


When do you plan on getting the bees?


My advice would be to either buy a good strong nuc to overwinter or book an overwintered one from a really reputable beek. Good luck


Have removed the FH Super, there lots more bees sleeping out at night, as the space has been reduced to just 2 BroodBox.

They should have plently of stores now as I can’t even tilt the hive, seems like its nailed to the ground.