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Do you recognise this Fly

I stumbled on this oversized March Fly thing this morning.
Was happy enough for me to go and get a camera.Fly1%20 Fly2

Quite tame, if that’s the word. About 25mm (1") long.


Bristle fly?

Looks like one of these which I photographed last year:

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Well spotted that man. They certainly look interesting and as I read, they are.
The female lays eggs in a host grub and the hatched larvae eat away at the host and eventually kill it. They are part of a large
Tachinidae family. They are not parasitic as an adult and do good.


Apparently that colouring is the most common.

Beautiful fly and photo. Almost looks like a bumble bee.

Wilma was pleased with herself photographing this fly. I can see why it’s called a “Bristle Fly”.


Very nice.
My photo is of a very old genis of Bristle Fly apparently :wink:. ie A black and white job before they got colour in the genes. :laughing::laughing:


Wow, that is one very bright fly, it would be hard to miss it. A great photo Wilma, such a clear and focused photo.

Thank you Wilfred & @Peter48, she found it much easier to focus using the eye piece for the first time instead of the side viewing screen.

It’s amazing what you’ll find/see in the backyard. Yesterday one of my Butcher Bird friends had something big in it’s mouth. It turned out to be a large spider. After softening it for a little while, he/she gulped it down. It looked like the bird was having trouble getting it all down. Funny to watch.

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