Frames shipped!

Thanks, I contacted the flow hive team. Waiting for a contact back from them. I shouldn’t have to glue pieces of wood together. I’m surprised quality control let this piece slide.

@Rudyjr i live in South Carolina, I didn’t receive any email until the package had arrived in philly and it was transferred to FedEx who did the actual delivery.

US_Aussie, This is what really has me puzzled with all of this, the order date and your location in the country. How the heck does a company ship a product ordered later to a customer further away geographically first? I am happy you are ready to go but there seems to something really screwed up with their fulfillment fundamentals. They really need to work on their communication and shipping practices in my opinion.

@Rudyjr, on another thread before i was jumped on by one of the “cheerleaders” i made the suggestion that something really could have helped the flow team with all of this was the services of a project managers. Scheduling would have been better, communication would have been better, the transition from small time inventor to international merchant could have gone so much smoother.

Please check here for info on how to best communicate this info ; -)

Sara, Been there done that. Multiple emails with no response. Then the mystic reply about "between now and the beginning of Feb. "response.

Can’t say what the deal is In specific for you Rudy, your issue has been flagged for admin review. Someone will straighten it out.

In general this does remain the most effective way to communicate.

Thanks all, My issue is being worked on.
For those who have not worked with the commercial beehive boxes, The cedar wood hive is much lighter in comparison. I’m amazed how much lighter it is than the common commercial wooden boxes. They’re suppose to have better insulation as well.

I agree @Bass. Having had reconstruction done on our home almost continuously for the last 15 years, I didn’t realize that I had developed a feel for the weight of pine…

However, when I lifted a panel for a deep box from, I almost fell over backwards - it didn’t require as much lifting force as I applied! :smile: It is a real pleasure to handle such beautiful wood and have less back pain afterwards than I get with pine. I am happy to pay a premium for this privilege.

Gee Sara thanks I feel so much better now. In other words you don’t want anyone to discuss this publicly. Still nothing by the way.

Thank you for this post, good reminder that this is just a forum of like-minded persons chatting. I just sent an inquiry, looking for an update reminder of when I might be able to receive my flow frames.

I know it several months away before I need them, just looking for an update. I have not even received my NUC yet, do not receive that until mid-March.

Rudy, I just got my tracking number for my frames. How are you making out?

Larry, Still nothing for me hopefully soon. Thanks for keeping me posted. Jim