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Shipping notification March 8 - March 25th Still Hasn't Shipped


Why, why does this have to be such agony? After waiting a year, I finally get a notice on March 8th that my flow frames will ship. It is now March 25th and according to FedEx, the label has been created, but they have not received the item. They say they will notify me when it has begun to move. Why even tell me it is shipping if it has not even been sent to FedEx??? Good grief. At least the suspense in a horror movie is over in two hours. This has been going on forever! This is the last time I will participate in an Indiegogo campaign and try to reward someone for having a brilliant idea.


You are not the only one, but you shouldn’t have to wait much longer. Martin posted this a few days ago:


Sorry, I know it is frustrating when you want your cool hive so badly, but I just finished reading a message from another crowdfund that I invested in over a year ago, and I had to chuckle. In it they are saying that they ‘may’ get a prototype to test within a few months…

Yeah, crowdfunding might not be your cuppa tea if suspense kills you! It is sort of the nature of the game. The reality is that given the usual drill with crowd funding, the Flow campaign has been a model of efficiency and success from start to finish. And that doesn’t mean I wasn’t just as antsy waiting for mine to be delivered as you are! Just that it’s not like pulling over at a roadside lemonade stand on a hot day.

It’s more like stopping in the desert and offering to buy some kid a lemon tree, in the hopes of getting a glass sometime before you die of thirst… Or they go to college…

Hang in there, it will arrive eventually.


The fact that I am not the only one does not make me feel better. They have been posting promises and excuses for a year now. Talk is cheap, and they had $14M.


I did order from another crowd funded company. The delay from the original estimate was two months. They then gave me a 20% discount on my order. They were also quick to communicate that they were out of the size that I had ordered, but told me they ran really big, and suggested I try a smaller size, and if it didn’t fit, they would refund my money. It was perfect, and this is just one little guy who had a bright idea. He is already offering other styles in response to his customers’ input. This is what I have to compare the flow hive experience to. The honey flow starts in three weeks here. Where do you suppose my bees are going to put it?


In the boxes and frames you gave them last year?

If you are a new beek then you might want to pick up another super. Odds are the flow will be arriving to you soon but it’s smart to have a spare around anyway.


So far for the vast majority of people they are less then 2 months behind, I received my wooden components 3-4 days late, and then the frames were about 3 weeks behind that. I have waited longer then that before just to have UPS deliver something that was already in full production and stocked in a warehouse.


So I should let them start making honey in regular frames, then switch to flow frames? That seems kind of stupid. The point was to not have to harvest honey the old way, now wasn’t it?


Good for you. My boxes came two weeks after they said they were shipped, and that was in January. Now, March 8th, I got an email saying the flow frames were shipping. It is now the 25th, and they haven’t shipped yet. Why even bother telling me anything? I could never get any information about my beesuit, and two days after I cancelled the order, it showed up at my door. It came from Illinois which about two days shipping from Texas. Imagine that.


I received my cedar flow boxes one month after the expected shipping date. The flow hives arrived two weeks later.


Please send me a PM with your order number and I can look this up. Maybe something is going on with Fedex as if you get a tracking number it means your item has been dispatched!

If no update from Fedex for 3 weeks, that sounds to me like Fedex has lost something or the shipping label came off during transport and Fedex has not delivered it

If anyone has issues in the future, it is best to email info@honeyflow.com and the issue will be resolved promptly


My flow frames are on the way! I got the tracking info. The funny part they are at a FedEx facility half a mile from my house. My bees will forage on the flowers on that site. I will have them tomorrow. When I get them what will do with them…nothing. I live in the Midwest and I am months away from adding a super. I really don’t get why so many people are so upset about not getting the frames yet when most are not even close to using them. Stay Calm and Flow on.


I emailed support two months ago and they said I would get the frames at the end of March. That was not the original date but the time frame promised once the delay happened. Thanks support team.


My order number is 10882921. Thanks, Martin


Today at 7:34 PM

I have tracking info too. Unfortunately, the tracking info says a label was created on March 8th and they haven’t even received it yet, so there is nothing to track. I don’t live in the Midwest, I live on the coast in Texas where spring has started and everything is in bloom. In three weeks we will be in the middle of the honey flow, and I have no idea when I will get my flow frames. If you are not going to bother to read my posts, I would rather you didn’t reply to them. I get tired of repeating myself to people that aren’t even paying attention. Martin has waded in a offered to find out what’s going on. Thanks, Martin


@MartinB… FYI, I am in the exact same boat. I received the tracking number created March 8th. The tracking number still says Label Created. I know of a 3rd person who is having the same problem too.

I am worried the shipment got lost. I called shipwire.com and they confirmed that the fedex tracking # should have indicated they dispatched their truck.


I live in Texas too.


Please anyone else with this anomaly feel free to contact me.

Normally this is something info@honeyflow.com can help with, but there is a 4 day holiday in Australia at the moment.


Getting details on issue. Seems like Fedex Lost in transit issue. I know of three enroute to Texas on the 8th of March. Any others please bring them to my attention

All Three of these which were just brought to my attention will be sorted out with high priority. You should be receiving a new email next week with an update tracking number.

Sorry about the issue. We are in communications with Fedex to reroute those shipments back to us if found


What did you order? Do you have an established hive currently? What are your bees in now?